Top 20 Swim Turbans For Women

All of our swimwear products are fully lined and made of quick drying, and chlorine resistant high-quality Italian fabric. With UPF 50+ protection against UV rays, our swimwear is ideal for use at the pool or beach.

  • Fitted chic Swim Turban with ruche detailing
  • A unique bonded fabric cap with a non-slip edge specifically designed to hold and shape longer hair
  • Ergonomic 3D design for an incredibly comfortable fit

LYRA Swim Turbans: COMFORT

What does comfort mean to you? For us at LYRA, comfort equates to anything which makes you confident and keeps your body relaxed.

Snug fit and slip-free design: LYRA swim cap make sure your hair will stay intact and you wouldn’t have to think about a hair snag while in water. The rim design and our quality fabric combination are tried and tested to provide a snug fit around your head and to avoid any unintentional slip off during your water activities.

Easy on your skin: The fabric fibers we use go gentle on your skin and do not leave any rash after you take it off. Putting on or taking off the LYRA swim cap would be easy as a breeze. The comfortable stretch property of LYRA fabric ensures your blood flow is not inhibited.

LYRA Swim Turbans: SAFETY

Perfect fit: A LYRA, our designers make sure that our swim caps and turbans fits to any head shape and covers your ears and hair sufficiently. An incredible purchase for the ardent swimmer.

Durable and strong: LYRA swim caps are sufficiently solid to be worn in the sea and pool alike. Like any other LYRA product, we use the best-in-class fibers available. Our fabric is tested for its durability over time in salty and chlorinated water and to retain its original stretch and color over multiple wash cycles.

It's friendly on your skin. Yes, you heard it right. Swim caps fit closely to your hair and skin. An ordinary swim cap may be made up of cheap rubber or fibers that may release toxic chemicals to cause skin irritation. At LYRA you can be a hundred percent sure of the quality you get. The colors we use are non-toxic and comply with US and ISO standards.