LYRA Modest Swimwear (Burkini / Islamic Swimsuits / Full Coverage Swimsuits / Muslim Swimsuits)

Choosing to cover in settings where women are normally not can not only be daunting but can impact one’s self-esteem or value. In today’s society, covering one’s figure - whatever the reason, goes against the norms of many communities, and is often perceived as a negative thing. The judgments or confusion can make women uncomfortable when in these settings, especially places where swimwear is worn. 

I remember stopping at a beach in Spain when on a road trip to Morocco, and just having people look at me like I was something they had never seen before. It makes it very hard to confidently go out into the world, with conviction in your choice to cover - whatever the motivation for it. Of course, not every place and encounter is like this, but they do happen and can make you feel like you can’t relax and enjoy yourself like everyone else. 

In the summertime, and especially this summer as lockdowns are easing in some countries - many people will be making their way to beaches and outdoor spaces to finally enjoy some well-earned fresh air. This includes those of us who choose to cover in our swimwear choices, opting for burkinis or fully-covered swimwear. Similarly to everyday clothing, the more confident you feel in your choices, the more confidently you will be able to carry yourself when out in the world.
The first part of confidence when it comes to covering is knowing your why and having conviction in it. Whatever reason you choose to cover is yours alone, and knowing and understanding yourself and your decisions are the main way to confidently express them to others. When it comes to appearance, the better you look by your own standards, the better you feel. When you dress in clothing that makes you feel good about yourself, you’re able to carry yourself in a way that people don’t question your confidence in yourself and your choices. 

The same applies when choosing modest or protective swimwear. Until these last few years, the choices were extremely limited and relatively unflattering, to say the least. Thankfully that is now changing - as covered women took matters into their own hands, creating options that represented them and countless other women. When it comes to modest swimwear, the opportunities are endless, and the options of design and innovation should not be viewed as limited. As every individual has their own unique style in everyday wear, so should they in swimwear - whatever their preference of coverage. 

LYRA has a swimwear option for every kind of woman, whatever your style. Choose what will make you feel confident and most like yourself - so you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities this summer without limitation. 

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